Polar Capital



Polar Capital Holdings plc is a specialist, investment-led, active fund management company offering investors a range of predominantly long-only and long/short equity funds.

The company’s investment strategies are based on long-term investment themes, specialist sectors and global, regional or single country geographies. The majority of these assets including the three investment trusts are in long only equity strategies. There are also long/short and convertible bond strategies. They all have a fundamental, research-driven approach, where capacity is rigorously managed to enhance and protect performance.

The three investment trusts are in the specialist sectors of technology, healthcare and financials. In fact, Polar Capital was founded in February 2001 by fund managers Brian Ashford-Russell and Tim Woolley, together with corporate partner Caledonia Investments, with the Polar Capital Technology Trust (PCT) as the first portfolio it managed.

PCT has access to the growth potential of companies in the global technology sector and is managed by one of the largest technology investment teams in Europe. The Trust’s longevity has seen it enjoy a multi-cycle/multi-year track record.
Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust (PCGH) is run by an investment team of five senior fund managers looking at healthcare’s long-term, secular growth sector as ageing populations drive the demand and the need for increased healthcare provision. Something for us all to consider as we all live longer.

The largest investable equity sector globally is the financial sector which is where the Polar Capital Global Financials Trust (PCFT) invests. Their universe includes banks, life and non-life insurance companies, asset managers, stock exchanges, specialty lenders and fintech companies.

The company’s investment teams are all based in Polar Capital’s principal location in London, with investment staff in offices in Connecticut, Edinburgh, Jersey, Paris and Shanghai.

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